They should make an episode where PB goes in and tries to do tests on Ice King and the crown to try and see why it makes him so crazy.

And they should make it end up kinda like Flowers for Algernon as in they actually do find a cure, and he’s able to return to Simon with all his old memories, but they realize that the cure doesn’t stick and slowly he reverts back to crazy old Ice King.
*sniff* so sad… *sniff*


naiga asked:

What is your favorite comics?

rmmartins answered:

Hello there =)
well, to be fair I don’t read as many comics as I should
so my list is quite short but here it goes:

I read a lot of comics on tumblr from these guys:

Luke pearson:
Michael DeForge:
Nick edwards:
Alex Schubert:

Some portuguese guys I like a lot eheh:

Ze Burnay:
Afonso Ferreira:

One piece that is sitting on my mind ever since is this one:

Enjoy and feel free to share your own list =3